Quarter 1 Modern World History

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Challenge yourself to earn honors. All Quarter 1 Honors work is due Nov 2, 2017

Honors Projects (complete 1) Colonialism Op-Ed- Letter to Saffron Colonial or PSU Professor (Posted on Google Classroom)
Hope is project (Posted on Google Classroom)
Honors Extension A second annotation on world cultures project.  (Posted on Google Classroom)

Your annotations must compare the value of using the different sources. This source was more helpful because…

Honors Extension Readings (If you need extra copies they are available in class by appointment only) You Must complete 50% of Honors Extension Readings with Margin Notes to earn Honors Credit. Hand in readings to your in class folder.

  • The Coming of Pink Cheeks, Burning Books, Columbus extension readings, Guns Germs and Steel, and more….


If you complete these assignments you will pass Quarter 1.  Revisions Due Nov 2, 2017


Target (LT) Assignment Details: I grade on a 4 point scale. To earn an A complete all 𑂽 checkboxes
Historical Content Rabbit Proof Fence Poem Posted on Google Classroom.

  • At least 25 lines.
  • Takes on a historical perspective and deeply imagines an experience that we have not lived so that we can more fully understand the human cost of colonialism.
  • Exposes the injustice of colonialism through imagery, voiceprints, active verbs)
  • Includes a paragraph describing what you want the reader to learn from your poem
Map Quiz Retake by appointment only. Study using the Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_3oa6a0

  • Label the Oceans
  • Label the Continents
  • Label Common Map Features
  • Identify geographic terms.
Reading Demonstrate Understanding in Text Option for Revision Posted on Google Classroom- Take pictures of your best margin notes and upload. Choose your best margin notes to be assessed. Include margin notes that demonstrate understanding:

  • The author points out…
  • The main point here is…
  • The paragraph says…
  • This reminds me of…

Examples of most recent class readings

  • Burning Books and Destroying Peoples
  • The Coming of the Pink Cheeks
  • A threefold Cord – Injustice in South Africa
Writing Summary Paragraph Option for Revision Posted on Google Classroom. We have been practicing writing Summary paragraphs. Next quarter I will assess your ability to write an argument paragraph.

Choose any reading from class. Summarize the text in paragraph format. You must include evidence from the text and summarize the main points. I am assessing your ability to demonstrate understanding. Your summary statement should

  • 10 lines.
  • Accurately describe the main ideas of the text
  • Include relevant supporting details or facts
  • Include your analysis of what the text made you think.
World Cultures Annotated Bibliography. This assignment is posted on Google Classroom. This is a sourcing assignment, not a research project. Use the sentence frames on the criteria sheet. I am assessing your ability to examine a print publication or electronic source.

  • Summarize: What topics are covered in this source? Include a minimum of 3 facts or information that helped shape your understanding of culture in this country. Include a concluding sentence that explains the relevance of this source.
  • Evaluate: What are the limits of this source? What information was missing from the source? Did the source share information about cultural values and specific details about tribal or ethnic groups?
  • Reflect: How does this source shape how you think about culture?
  • MLA: Include an MLA citation and MLA format.
Speaking and Listening Columbus Trial Statement Posted on Google Classroom

  • A clear point
  • A minimum of 3 cited pieces of evidence from the resources shared in class (readings,  indictments, video clips) to support your defense/ charges
  • Analysis and Commentary
  • A concluding statement
World Cultures Slideshow Posted on Google Classroom

  • Research: Examples can include: How does the geography, climate, bordering countries impact people? How many distinct tribal groups? How many languages? How many ethnic groups? How many religions? MLA Citations for all of the citations you used and Link to your annotated Bibliography
  • Avoid the Single Story: Share a value about a cultural group in your country. Use images that avoids misconceptions, stereotypes, or a single story
  • Present your work to a classmate or teacher
  • Listen and evaluate other presentation


I want to see you succeed. I am here to help! You will get a second chance at Learning Targets in Quarter 2. We will be studying Apartheid in South Africa

  • Reading: Witness to Apartheid Readings
  • Speaking and Listening: Methods of Resistance Socratic Discussion
  • Writing: Apartheid Resistance Essay
  • Historical Content: Unjust Laws, Healing from Historical Trauma Project, and more…


MWH Day 2


1. Danger of the Single Story Photo Analysis (20 Min)

2. Written Reflection (10 Min)

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-y02RsZrpclBmJxwW3njQL3xCv33rXn_bwNb9TlAbMs/edit?usp=sharing (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

3. Personal Stories Inside/Outside Head Share (10 Min)

4. Danger of the Single Story Video Clip (20 Min)

5. Write your Story (20 Min)

https://docs.google.com/document/d/104vpe15OjB52abQc7khJPsBDX1svBb-RuJhv5zfXEHc/edit?usp=sharing (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

 Stories matter. Many stories matter. Your Stories matter .docxPreview the documentView in a new window

6. Nuts and Bolts (10 Min)