Genocide and Holocaust May 6, 8, 13

LT: Find examples of Bias in the Media


Exit Ticket:

    • Media Bias Project
    • Triumph of the Will Film Review

April 22-May 4 WW2 and Holocaust

Essential Questions and Learning Targets:

  • How was propaganda used as a tool in WW2 and the Holocaust?
  • Complete Close Reading of Primary Source Documents
  • Student Led Socratic Discussion about Zinn’s Article
  • Create an artifact reflecting on the Holocaust or a Modern Genocide


Agenda Items



Revise Holocaust or Modern Genocide Artifact.




MWH April 21

Learning Target: Describe the outcome of the Russian Revolution and How Stalin Impacted Russia.

Agenda: 90 Minutes

Gallery Walk: View Propaganda Images and complete Cornell Notes with observations. Images a printed in color and are posted on the Bulletin Board with Class Norms and the Center Table

Partner, individually, or whole class read Communist Russia about Stalin. Highlight key details. Practice using margin notes and Complete Cornell Notes.

Watch Film Clip Joseph Stalin: The Red Terror of Russia:

SCORED AS A LEARNING TARGET: Exit Ticket PEAS Paragraph: What Impact did Joseph Stalin have on Russia? Cite evidence from propaganda Gallery Walk, Reading, and Video Clip. Have students complete this individually. Tell them I will score this assignment.

MWH March 30


Learning Target

Define Key Terms: Capitalism, Socialism, Communism



Complete Revolution Reading and Rock, Paper, Scissors Game Debrief. There will be a short quiz next class on the Key Terms: Communism, Capitalism, Socialism.