OWP Whistleblowing Presentation

Tech tools: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12_trDjNgcipE18KNQRi9ma7mS56EHxJnoYH5fFHs1hg/edit?usp=sharing

Daniel Ellsberg Model (30 min)

Tea Party (20 Min)

  • (5) Read your tea party role learn it
  • (10) Circulate the Room
  • (5) Which tea party character did you enjoy meeting the most. Who do you want to write on?

Letter Models (15)

Writing (20)

Collaborative Sharing (10)

Reflection (5)

Resources Articles

Whistle Blower Articles

Bradley Manning

Julian Assange (journalist who many see as being treated like a whistle blower)

Edward Snowden:

Thomas Drake:

John Kiriakou:

Jeffrey Wigand (Big Tobacco):

Glenn Greenwald (journalist who some believe is being treated just like a whistle blower)

Aaron Swartz (hacktivist prosecuted for downloading academic journals)


NCSS Beyond the Bubble

Beyond the Bubble accesses 21st century skills with Primary Source Documents.

This resource has amazing information on creating common core aligned assessments that:

  • balance knowledge of content and historical thinking.
  • ask students to apply content knowledge rather than reproduce it.
  •  ask students to consider content in ways that require thought, judgment, and deep understanding.
  • Take only a few minutes and are easy to score
  • Come with rubrics and samples of student work
  • Promote academic literacy
  • Provide windows into students’ thinking

I hope to use this resource by improving student historical thinking and evaluation of primary source evidence. I hope to use this tool in collaboration with the Library of Congress Common Core Search Tool.

Edcamp PDX

I had a great time at EdCamp PDX this weekend. I have some new resources I am excited to try out in the classroom.

-Integrating Google Voice into classroom projects: What a fun way to get students communicating and working on career related skills. I hope to have students all use google voice in content related projects this semester. I’m really excited!

– Encourage students to use something other than powerpoint:

-Use Technology to encourage creative discussion, perhaps using these tools will encourage all students to participate:

-Use technology as a pre-unit brainstorm or  to share inspiration