Sheltered US History Sub Plans November 16 2012

Hoffman Sub Plans November 16, 2012  A day

Sheltered USH Period 5

Learning Goal:

Demonstrate understanding on the purpose of a constitution: a written document to propose rights (freedoms) and responsibilities (rules) people should follow.

Agenda: ( Handout) 


  1. Warm-up (5 min): Expectations and Introduce Agenda for the Day. Students should get Binders out.
  2. Vocabulary (20 min)
    1. Introduce New Vocabulary for the Day
      1. Constitution
      2. Compromise
      3. Rights
      4. Responsibilities
    2. Review old vocabulary that will be used in the lesson:
      1. Freedom
      2. Independence
  3. Activity (30 Min) Each student will create a constitution for the classroom. Encourage students to identify 5 rights they have in Ms. Hoffman’s Class like using the bathroom or receiving a textbook. Encourage students to identify 5 responsibilities they have in Ms. Hoffman’s classroom like cleaning up at the end of class or not writing on desks.
  4. Class Discussion/ Compromise (30) Encourage each student to share their favorite rights and responsibilities. As a class they will have to compromise to determine which 10 should make it onto the class constitution to be presented to Ms. Hoffman when she gets back from Seattle!

If you need another activity (Start reviewing the Bill of RIghts. Preview new vocabulary and explain the meaning of each Amendment OR have students complete a journal about a time they comprised to solve a problem)


HW Read over break!

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