Sheltered USH Period 5

Hoffman  SUB PLANS December 5 -6, 2012

Sheltered US History Class Period 5

Learning Goal:

Interpret ideas, vocabulary, and meaning from amendments in US Constitution


  1. (5 Min) Introduce yourself and identify class expectations. Students will receive class participation points for the work they accomplish in class. Please identify any students who are not working or causing you trouble. (My students are great so i do not expect any issues)
  2. Whole Class Activity #1(25 Min)
    1. Introduce new vocabulary
      1. Necessary (Needed, Required)
      2. Useful (Helpful but not needed or required)
    2. Classroom Items in Ms. Hoffmans Classroom. Circle items that are necessary in one color and items that are useful in another color
    3. Have students write on the back atleast 2 more items that are necessary and 2 more items that are useful in Ms. Hoffman’s Classroom
  3. Independent or Small group Activity #2
    1. Students should work on drawing items for their video projects. They know what to do and what they should be working on. If they filmed already have them help another student. We will finish all films on friday.
    2. If you need another activity see the extended activity packet: Interpreting the Constitution


Complete images/ film planning. We will film on friday!

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