USH May 20/21

Learning Goal: Why did the chaos erupt in Vietnam? Whose interests were involved in sparking a war? What made the Vietnam War so contentious? Why were so many americans opposed to the vietnam war? What are the lasting impacts of the war?


1. Warm-Up: Journal on the Vietnam War

2. Vietnam Today Clip ///

3. Anti-Vietnam War Timeline, primary source documents, cartoon

4. Discussion

• Why did MLK and John Kerry oppose the war?
• Why did anti-war sentiment grow after 1968?
• Based on what you read, who opposed the war in Vietnam? Was it mostly
college kids?
• Using all the documents, why did many Americans oppose the Vietnam
• Considering the context, can you speculate what those Americans who
supported the war said?


Extension: Finish Letter from Birmingham Jail LT. I will be available during ST for support.



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